What is Time Scripts

Time Scripts is a time travel novel set in the United States and WW2 Europe. The main character, Jack Arduino, travels through time to 1941 on a mission that will require all his strength and resourcefulness, as well as timely and effective help from high-placed friends.

How I did it

I wrote Time Scripts in about one year. I went through 17 versions of the book. The first version was a very rough sketch of the story. As the plot morphed and evolved (literally as I was typing), a new version was added. The final version is about  130,000 words. All told, I’ve written about half a million words.

How accurate is it?

I took great pains in researching the background of my story. To the best of my knowledge, all places and situations really existed in 1941 United States and Europe. The people I refer to, apart from the book’s characters, are real people in real life. No object, other than the time machine, is out of the ordinary. It could really have happened this way!


Pages, Double Spaced, 8.5×11


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Cast of Characters

There are three main characters in Time Scripts: Jack ARDUINO, a U.S. government employee with a complicated and tragic family history; Tommy HAMILTON, a physicist and part-time inventor who takes a very theoretical time machine concepts and turns it into reality; Daria GANNAWAY, who works alongside Jack, personally and professionally. Among a host of minor characters, the main villain stands out, a fellow by the name of O’Rourke, who turns up where he really shouldn’t be.


Time Scripts takes the reader to 2008 and 2001 America, to 1916 and 1941 America, and to 1941 Europe. The main character’s journey touches the shores of the United States, Bermuda, the Azores, Southern France, Northern Italy… The action takes place in Atlanta, New York, Washington, DC and in Namibia, Portugal, France, and Italy.