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Dr. Jack Arduino doesn’t know it, but his childhood dream is about to become reality. He meets Tommy, an eccentric physicist who claims to have invented a time machine that works, and… it does! Jack plunges into a world where America is stirring into war immediately after the Pearl Harbor attack, neutral Lisbon is a seething cauldron of spies, Vichy France is in the grips of the German quasi-occupation, and the resistance is beginning to agitate in Fascist Italy. A time-travel novel set in the early days of the United States entry into World War Two, Time Scripts is a moving, fascinating story of family, love and war. Jack’s well-meaning attempts to go back in time and change his tragic family history backfire spectacularly. Changing the time script mortally endangers his sister in America and stirs up trouble with Nazi spy hunters, the Fascist secret police, and the FBI. Daria Gannaway shows Jack a love so intense that she will risk everything to help him get back to the present. Only the intervention of a mysterious friend can help Jack and Daria escape a determined killer and his boss who will stop at nothing to secure for themselves the greatest scientific discovery of all times. See period photographs at

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